Informative Book on Health Care Issues

Dr. Dan Koster - Health Care Issues

The highly anticipated book by Dr. Dan Koster is nearing completion. His unique idea of "evolutionizing" your health is one of many original concepts in this compelling and pioneering work. Evolutionize Your Health!™ is an entertaining and informative guide for individual readers to create their own best health care, but it also provides a prescription for how to heal our nation's sick health care system.

Dr. Dan explains the philosophy of Evolutionize Your Health!™

"The universe and everything in it evolves according to timeless principles. Our medical system became sick when it departed from its most fundamental evolutionary principle, the sacred patient-doctor partnership. In Evolutionize Your Health! I diagnose our ailing health care system and prescribe the cure, restoring the patient-doctor relationship with the trust and respect of a century ago and combining it with the awesome healing power of modern science. By following these timeless principles, you and your doctor partner can create the best health care for you and your family, community, company and country.” 

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