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Although EoMed's philosophy is steeped in restoring the patient-doctor relationship of a century ago, we also believe in utilizing the amazing advances available in the 21st century. Please explore our many digital and social media outlets which we use to enhance and support our patients' health and wellness.  


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Auto Gallery Talk: Defeating Dementia

Dozen Healthy Steps - A Lifestyle & Supplement Guide

Watch Dr. Koster's presentation by clicking on the link below



Winter 2017

Main Story: Defeating Dementia                  

Fall 2016

Main Story: Our Evolving Brains   

Sub-Story: Pre-Op Preparations
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Summer 2015 - Happy Medical Independence Day!

Spring 2015 - The Devolution of Medical Science

Winter 2014 - Dawn of the Age of the Inner Tube

Fall 2014 - Welcome to Evolutionize Your Health!