Dedicated Personal Physician

Get much-needed health care services from an experienced concierge doctor at EoMed in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Dr. Dan Koster is a skilled personal physician who specializes in family medicine.

Personal Physician

With EoMed, you get 24 hour a day, 7 days a week access to the doctor who knows you best. You will have Dr. Dan Koster’s personal phone numbers and e-mail address. He will be the kind of primary care physician you need to get the best medical care—a trusted health partner with access to state-of-the-art medical information and technology, and your interests at heart. Longer appointments, better communication, trust—these are the necessary ingredients for achieving optimal health that are missing in standard medical practices. In addition to 24/7 calls, you’ll have same or next day appointments with no waiting. Whether you seek your best health care for yourself, your family or your company,  EoMed is your answer.

Services include:

• 24/7 access (email and work, cell, home phones) to Dr. Koster

• Same or next day appointments, no waiting

• Walk-in visits for brief or urgent matters

• Longer appointments for thorough exams and communication

• Doctor visits at home or office

• Referrals to personally selected specialists, including national experts

• Yearly executive physical

$3,800/year for individuals over the age of 61. $3,400 for individuals under the age of 60. $7,200/year for married couples over the age of 61. $6,200 for married couples under the age of 60. Company and group arrangements available.

EoMed Executive Physical

An EoMed executive physical is the most thorough and educational medical examination you will ever receive. Dr. Koster will review your medical records before you come in so he will know your health history before you meet. On your exam day, our nurse and Dr. Koster will thoroughly review your health history with you, including fitness, nutrition and screening tests. Once all the test results are known, Dr. Koster discusses your comprehensive health analysis and answers all your questions. Finally, you keep this extensive report for future reference or for tracking your progress, and EoMed sends a copy to your primary doctor so you and your health partner are always on the same page.

Our goal: By the end of your EoMed executive physical, you will know as much about your health and options for managing it as any physician thoroughly familiar with your case. This means better health. Only with knowledge can you evaluate today’s complex choices and make the right medical decisions for you. Completely understanding your health is the very best way of preserving it.

Services include:

• Complete review of medical records prior to exam

• Detailed discussion of health history

• Nutrition assessment

• Fitness assessment

• Comprehensive lab testing and blood workup

• Personalized comprehensive health report—your body’s owner’s manual.


Evolutionize Your Health!™ Presentations

Medical science continues to evolve, and so does our healthcare system. But for the past 50 years, American medicine has gotten off its proper evolutionary track. Our healthcare system is sick, and Dr. Dan Koster knows the diagnosis and treatment to make it well again. Using his three decades as a physician, Dr. Dan is finishing his pioneering book, Evolutionize Your Health!™. He uses his expertise and original insights in his presentations, tailoring them to audiences of five or 500, over a lunch hour or all-day seminar. Dr. Dan breaks down the vast complexity of American health care into understandable, valuable and entertaining knowledge you can use to create the best medical care for you, your family, your co-workers and your community.


Medical Consultation

As a 25+ year professional in the medical field, Dr. Koster’s experience makes him a valuable expert for consultation and advice on various medical topics. He has provided patient consultations, served as an expert witness in legal trials, provided interviews to print and broadcast media on medical and health policy issues, and advised business leaders on a broad range of health topics. His services include:

• Medical consults and second opinions for patients

• Expert testimony in medical-legal cases

• Physician perspective on health-related investment opportunities

• Individual and family counseling for relationships, substance abuse and depression

• Travel medicine consults for vaccines and disease prevention and treatment

• End-of-life planning for individuals and families

EoMed Business Health

Many companies talk about a culture of wellness and peak productivity, but few walk the walk. Send a powerful message: We care about health and offer our people the best! Dr. Dan Koster, as your company concierge physician, is a powerful benefit to recruit and retain top talent. Direct 24/7 access to your personal physician. Thorough executive physicals annually. On-call doctor for health issues or emergencies facing the company. Your people will be happier, healthier and more secure. That means higher productivity, less turnover, lower absenteeism, better morale and a healthier bottom line.

EoMed Business Health company consulting includes:

• Advice on wellness, weight-loss, stop-smoking and fitness programs

• Ways to improve quality and cut costs of health insurance

• Medico-legal consultation

• Nutrition advice for cafeteria or canteen

• Improving shop or warehouse safety

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